The ramp

Amber pups got an introduction to the ramp in and out of their puppy pen. Instead of starting them coming down it, I placed them in the play area and then let them try going up it first.

Besides some of them going up and down it they also thought it made a great chew toy!

I let them to play a while then later came back to this….


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2 Responses to The ramp

  1. jonnastar6 says:

    Seeing the pups’ excitement with the new “ramp” to play with, reminds me of a question that often enters my mind. You’re always introducing new toys at different stages, but also have a wide variety of larger toy structures like the toddler age slide and the structure shown here with the dangling spatulas! And there’s the tube the babies love to crawl through! For a home with just one or two pups, which do you feel continue over time to be the most fun and best learning toys to have on hand? Love your creativity in giving all your little ones such an exceptional start. Thanks! Claudia

    • Good question! I’m sure having some good chew toys, squeaky, soft toys, just a nice variety is good for one pup. I also love the interactive/puzzle type toys for pups to use for feeding; Kong is one.But if I would just have a couple big toys I would get the tunnel and the little slide. They seem to really enjoy those 🙂

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