They’re out of this world (cute)!

Our little purebred Poodle puppies are growing up fast! They turned three weeks old and are getting more active and wiggly. Soon they’ll be moving into the small puppy pen so they and Lucy can have more room. Right now they’re pretty content to just sleep, eat and crawl around the big crate.

We usually introduce puppy names around three weeks of age. Sometimes I have a theme already picked out, sometimes it’s the time of year, or sometimes it’s coloring. But as I tried to think of three characters or people where we had two males and one female, three names stood out to me.

I’m going to date myself but here, but I was a young teenager when this hit move came out. It was all the rage back then and has grown into quite a blockbuster movie series. So without further ado, let me introduce…

“Han”~black male Poodle @ 3 weeks

“Luke”~brown male Poodle @ 3 weeks

“Leia”~black female Poodle @ 3 weeks

We’ve already gotten several applications for our Poodle puppies and I plan to start reaching out to these people soon and get these cuties matched.

And just a fun FYI related to our Star Wars theme, George Lucas and I grew up in the same  hometown.

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  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    Super cute!❤️🐶

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