More things

Switching the toys up for the pups I added these metal grates on the floor. It gives them something wobbly and movable to walk across. Plus they make some noise, especially when little puppies race across them!

I also introduced the tic-tax-toe. (This is a human game board that you’re supposed to use with little beanbags.) Of course when I saw it at the secondhand store I knew it would be a great puppy “tool” with its little flippity-floppity pieces. As you can see the puppies have no problem crawling a crossed it.

Oh, and the nosiest, “popcorn” toy that you push and it makes the little ball pop up as you go.

We’re still listening to our sound app too so the puppies get used to sounds like; traffic, noisy children, airplanes, vacuums and fireworks. I know it’s not the same as the real thing but it does give them an introduction to these things.

(PS, we usually don’t train in the window sill. I just set her there for the picture).

And we have them an introduction to the clicker with some cheese treats to go with it.

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