Off to town

Wednesday was “town” day. Amber’s puppies had their appointment at the vet and I needed to grab a few groceries.

It was a beautiful day for a drive to town! Winter is always easier to get through when the overcast skies clear to show us beautiful blue, sunshiny sky!

I’m still not allowed to go in with any of my dogs, so just sit in the truck in the parking lot waiting once they’re taken in.

Once they came back out, they got a potty break and time to stretch their legs before we loaded up again. Some of them were doing a bit of scratching at their necks wondering what that funny feeling was (they got microchips which get inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades).

The girls at the clinic always tell me how much they love when my puppies come to visit! And they all passed with flying colors.

Once they had time to potty, stretch their legs and get a drink, they were loaded back in the crate and placed back in the back seat for our drive into the next town on the way home.

I had a few short stops to make and they waited patiently in their cozy crate with some dinner while I ran errands

A couple hours after we had our break at the vet’s I gave them another break and since they had eaten dinner we had quite a few “deposits” in the litter box. Good puppies!

After errands were finished we headed home. They were happy to get out of their crate and have some playtime before bed.

It’s always a long day when we have a vet appointment and run errands, but they hardly made a peep the whole time. We left the house around 12:30 pm and got home around 7:30 pm. They had their time out of the crate for their exams at the vet and two potty breaks. They did great!

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    I often wondered if the microchips are irritating to the dogs. What happens over time to the chip? Does the skin just heal over it? How long does the irritation last?

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