Please read if you’re interested in an Aussalier

Today was our Aussalier puppy matching day! It’s always so fun to get a puppy matched up with it’s new family.

But as things sometimes go with waiting lists, I’ve gotten all the way through my list and only matched two of our four puppies!

Lots of times people will apply to be on the list and then in the time of waiting they will have changes in their life/job/family situation and no longer interested or able to get a puppy. Sometimes they find a puppy elsewhere and no longer want one of ours. I understand that.

The way our waiting list works is, if you decide to get on it then you need to be an active participant. What does that mean? It means when we have a litter that you’re interested in and the timing works for you that you reach out and let me know. So when puppy matching day rolls around, I have a list of names to call that I know are interested and ready for a puppy. It also means check blogs posts with Aussalier updates and emails to keep up on news and announcements. (If you asked to be on the list you should be signed up for email notifications from our blog/website so you don’t miss any news). Because I’m assuming if you asked to be placed on our list your are interested in a puppy. I also understand life throws curveballs and things change. If that happens just let us know and we can take your name off the list so we aren’t sending you unnecessary emails.

I sent out an email to everyone on our waiting list about a week and a half ago to see who was interested in Oakley’s litter. I followed that up with a blog post in case some people for some reason didn’t get the email (sometimes they end up in “spam”).

I also asked that people respond to that email and let me know that they were either (a) interested in the litter (b) not interested, but wanted to stay on the list or (c) wanted to be removed from the list. And I also mentioned if they did not respond to the email at all they would be removed from the list.

I did the same thing with our last Oakley litter. Some people last time asked to be kept on the list. But his time they didn’t respond at all. And I understand we have several Canadian families on our list that are in limbo concerning getting a puppy with the current border situation (but I still need to know you want to stay on the list if borders ever reopen).

I have removed everyone from the list that is not responding to my posts and emails. Right now these are the names still on my list. If you still want to be on the list and do not see your name, please email me asap so I can put your name back on. 

  1. Jolie C
  2. Brian M
  3. Jana S (Canada)
  4. Devon G (Canada)
  5. Susan B
  6. Erin L

And if you were on the list and never reached out, but are interested in a puppy (both boys are still available), please let me know ASAP!

If nobody from the list reaches out and gets matched with the boys I will make another post and they will be offered to the general public.

There has been no application fee to get on our Aussalier list and I understand that the wait time varies as we only have a few puppies each year. But I need to keep it current with active people to make things run smoothly and efficiently. We may be changing our Aussalier list process up a bit to make it more productive when we have a litter. Stay tuned for more Aussalier update if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading!😊

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6 Responses to Please read if you’re interested in an Aussalier

  1. Laura Eskew says:

    We are interested in either Tucson or Phoenix . however, we are not on your waiting list as when I last asked I was told to check back the end of March.

  2. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Thank you for always being so informative! If we are on the Cavapoo list, do we need to fill out a new application to be on the Aussalier list? We’d love to have two brothers!

  3. Kelli Matlock says:

    We would love to be on your waiting list for an Aussalier puppy. Can you let me know what we need to do? Thank you!

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