Hazel’s Cavapoo crew

Hazel’s puppies are toddling more, in fact I thought it was time they moved into a bigger “apartment” in the living room. They seem to be adapting well to their new space. And I think Hazel is enjoying it too.

Now they have their first litter box to start using as they toddle off the bed to relieve themselves. I always start with this commercial model from UGOdog. It makes an easy transition for the babies to scoot onto right off their bed. The UGOdog litter box system is a sturdy plastic try with a two grates over the top. This also works well for this age as the urine and little poops can fall through to the tray. Not to be to graphic/gross but mom is still doing a lot of clean-up herself.

They will use this litter box until they are about four to four and a half weeks old. By then the poops are bigger and there is much more urine produced. Then we will switch out this commercial litter box to our homemade system of a large plastic container with pine pellets in the bottom. That box will have the side cut down for easy access. The pine pellets absorb the urine and the little poops are easily scooped out with a cat litter scoop.

And since we’re on the subject of Hazel’s puppies, I’m going to have to change our puppy matching day for them.

I’m going to be leaving straight from Puppy Delivery Day for Oakley’s puppies and head to visit my elderly father. I haven’t seen him in quite a while and well, he’s not getting any younger. I only have about a week window between this delivery and when our next litter is due so it was the only time I could squeeze a trip in. Hubby will be home holding down the fort and continuing to take care of Hazel and her brood.

So here’s my plan, I need to know by Wednesday, March 24th at 5 pm if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and want to be considered for this litter. That will give me Thursday to organize the names in order how they are on the main waiting list and start making calls Thursday evening. Then I can get these pups matched before the weekend when I’ll be busy preparing and delivering Oakley’s pups on Sunday.

***For clarification in case your are new to Pinewood Cavapoos and don’t know how our puppy matching works. Our Cavapoo waiting list is currently closed. But those people that are on it went through an application process and paid an application fee to get on our list to be matched with a puppy. (We do not take a deposit for a puppy until a person/family is matched with a puppy). Each time we make an announcement that we have a new litter born and we set a date for “Puppy Matching Day” (we have one specific day when the pups are around five weeks old and match them with their forever families) and “Puppy Delivery Day” (when we drive to Spokane and personally hand off the pups to their new families) then anybody that is already on our Cavapoo waiting list can reach out and let me know they are interested in that particular litter. Then before the Puppy Matching Day,  I will put those names in the order they are on the main waiting list and start making calls to match the puppies in that litter. This has made our puppy matching process so much more efficient as I’m only calling the people that I know are interested in those particular puppies and the dates work for them.***

(Also, we do not have a projected date to reopen our list and start accepting applications again. The best way to keep up on news and announcements is to sign up for email notifications from the blog/website.)

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