I usually don’t make announcements about upcoming litters until I know for sure that a mom is confirmed pregnant. But I’m going to share anyways, because I’m pretty sure if these “possibilities” come to fruition that we’re going to have several happy families. And it’s just exciting to think about!

So what in the world am I taking about?

Well, you all know by my recent announcement that Gracie and Clancy are expecting Cavapoo puppies around Easter. Well, apparently the girls got together and starting planning something behind my back because we had a few of them come in season recently. Thankfully they were all a week or two apart. But if things go as planned it looks like our spring is going to be very busy!

As a reminder these girls are NOT YET confirmed pregnant as it’s too early to tell. But as soon as I know for sure I will share it on another blog.

After Gracie’s delivery, the next in line would be our beautiful first time mom, Lyric who has been bred to Dickens for her very first litter of Cavapoos.

A couple weeks after Lyric would be a litter of F1b Cavapoos between Sage and Clancy (they’ve had one litter together which were gorgeous!)

And after Sage would (hopefully) be our first litter of Cuddle Cavapoos between Aurora (our small standard Poodle) and Dickens. What’s a Cuddle Cavapoo? It is a little larger Cavapoo probably maturing in the 25-40 lb range.

As I mentioned the only one confirmed to be pregnant at this point is Gracie. And sometimes first-time moms don’t always cooperate and get pregnant on the first “try” so even though I’m excited about these possibilities I also am realistic that they won’t all be pregnant. But it’s fun to dream!

*And just a reminder, our Cavapoo waiting list is still closed (and no I’m sorry I don’t know when it will reopen yet) and we are not accepting applications. But anyone who is already on our waiting list can reach out via email anytime we have a litter that they are interested in and I’ll add you to that litter’s list for puppy matching day (and hopefully a phone call). We don’t start litter lists until the litter is born and we make the announcement with the litter’s Puppy Matching Day and Puppy Delivery Day.**

Also, if Aurora is pregnant with Cuddle Cavapoo and we don’t have enough people on the waiting list that want the larger sized Cavapoo, I may possibly open applications back up at that time just for those interested in those bigger Cavapoos. But I’m getting the cart ahead of the horse here, aren’t I?!

So keep your fingers crossed!


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  1. Didi says:

    Great news!

  2. Manu says:

    Wow! It’s always fun to dream! ❤️🐶

  3. Ryan Gaylord says:

    Just wondering if cuddle cavapoos tend to look more like poodles than cavs?

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