Town day

Wednesday was our vet appointment for the little Poodles. So we headed out around noon (after an early lunch) for our trip to town. Town day always gives us a chance to get more great crate training in as the puppies ride in a crate on the way to the vet, then wait their turn, then sit in the crate while the doctor takes them out one at a time for their exams.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I always take a litter box and give them a chance to stretch their legs in the back of the truck and have potty breaks during the day too.

All done with their potty break and waiting for their turn to go inside the clinic.

The doctor were nice enough to snap some pictures of the gals with the pups.

If they weather is mild I might let them get some more crate time while I run a few errands. This week we a little different plan though. Our two oldest sons had their birthday on Tuesday. Of course, they’re both grown, married and living elsewhere so we don’t get to celebrate their birthday like we used to. But our DIL invited us to meet them in Spokane to surprise our son with a birthday dinner! So my plan was to hurry home after the appointment to drop the pups off, grab hubby (who would have everybody situated at home for the evening) and head to Spokane for a late dinner.

But our son is like his mother (😜) and started asking too many questions about why they had to eat dinner so late. So his wife had to spill the beans. Then they offered to drive up our way to meet for an earlier dinner instead! We have such considerate kiddos. ❤️

But first I stopped at the store to grab a little birthday cake. And give the pups another potty break.

I didn’t have time to drive all the way home after the vet appointment to drop off puppies so they came to dinner too. Hubby drove in and met us there. No, Han, Luke and Leia didn’t get to go in the restaurant but I did bring their dinner, some chew toys and other things they could occupy their time with in their crate in the truck while we snuck inside to eat. They were such good little traveler/crate puppies.

Birthday boy for the evening’s celebration (his “womb-mate” is currently working and living in Texas).

After dinner we had to go live on puppies and give them another potty/play break.

He had just gone potty and his tummy area was a bit “damp” 😉

It was a gorgeous drive home, the pups did great on their town outing and we squeezed some special family time in. It doesn’t get much better that that!❤️

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2 Responses to Town day

  1. David Yarmus says:

    U r so special,I so enjoy everything u write and pictures. I would not expect u not to have wonderful family as u r wonderful.
    The pups r great.
    So happy u had a nice day what beautiful country.
    I am in nyc but I think I would spend anything to get a puppy from u.maybe
    First u need to open up applications and then decide as u are in a different time zone plus about 34 hrs via car,maybe I will get lucky
    Anyone who gets 1 of your puppies r very lucky people
    I read and even though u gave me names of other breeders u are#1 in my book
    Marcus is still doing ok at 14
    Hope u remember me
    David from ny

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