This past week we have done ultrasounds on two of our girls that were bred. And we have exciting news, both Lyric and Sage are expecting!

I get excited each time we have a litter on the way. But it’s even more thrilling when it’s a new mom and we’re not sure what color combinations we’ll be getting. I imagine between Lyric’s beautiful blue merling and Dickens’ coppery blenheim we’ll get some interesting colors. And Lyric has one parent who is parti colored so we could have some “cow” puppies too. I.can’t.wait.

And Sage had such a gorgeous F1b Cavapoo litter with Clancy once already that we know we’re going to get some exciting colors. For those that don’t know, last time these two produced; black, red, and merle colored pups. Every one was stunning!

Both of these litters are due towards the end of April. The pups will be matched with people that are already on our Cavapoo waiting list (which is still closed and I’m not sure when we’ll be reopening it yet).

We won’t start litter lists until the pups arrive and we know what we have and the dates for puppy matching and puppy delivery.

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    Yay!! So excited to get on this litter list 😍😍😍

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