See those dark spots?

Those are super early pictures of our first ever Cuddle Cavapoos (the larger sized Cavapoo) “baking in the oven”!

Here’s another view.

This is pretty exciting news!

These puppies are due mid-May and will be matched with families on our waiting list.

I can’t wait to see what this pairing produces!

Both of these guys are “parti” meaning they have white with spots. Aurora is hard to see because her spots are more apricot/sable.

And here is her as a young adult with longer hair so you can see her markings.

So all the pups will be parti-colored (think “cow” puppies). And since this is our first ever Cuddle Cavapoo litter I’m going to give just a guesstimate on adult size of these puppies. My guess is they will end up between 25-40 lbs as adults.

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  1. suzy167 says:

    My favorite size! I’ll watch for your list to reopen. 🙂

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