Make them pretty

As most of you know I found a groomer in the little town where I take the Poodles and Cavapoos in for grooming. It’s one less chore that I have to do and they come home looking so prim and proper.

But I normally do the Cavaliers as they are just a brush out and bath. Or any young ones, like Winter. Poor little Winter was starting to look like a rag-a-muffin so it was time to give her a bath and trim her up a bit. And Reba (aka Tina Turner) got partially groomed about a month ago, but I was always going to bath her then scissor her head which didn’t get done. So it was time to start doing some spring grooms.

A wet and soggy Winter.

Drying in her crate

All fluffy after blow drying her and trimming her feet and face a bit. Now she can see where’s she going! 😉

Then Nico got a bath. What cute boy!

Now Tina Turner’s turn. 😉

The wet look

Oh my! She finally looks like a proper Poodle again!

Thursday night was also the start of dog obedience class. I always try to sign up each spring and take at least one dog if not more (the teacher usually does multiple classes in April and May). Last year we didn’t got at all. And even though I just got back from my trip and we have a new litter, I decided I’d better take advantage of class and go!

So I had time for one more quick bath for our “star pupil”, Asher. I got him almost completely blow-dried before we had to load in the truck and head to town. And since Winter was fluffy and clean I took her took so she could get out and socialize and see some sights off the farm.

Asher wasn’t too sure about this whole obedience class thing and having to be out in public. He has a really “soft”temperament and isn’t the bravest boy. My goal for him is more along the line of building his confidence and having some fun. I’m sure he’ll learn some obedience too but I don’t expect him to pass the Canine Good Citizenship test at the end of class. I think we’ll have to go to a couple more sessions before he’ll be comfortable with all the tests required for that. (I had to do the same thing with my German Shepherd, Cajsa also).

By the end of the class he was more comfortable so we’re headed in the right direction!

My friend (I call her my “other mother”, came home with me after my trip and was the “treat holder” at class while I worked Asher). Winter sat in her crate next to Elza while I worked Asher. (Look at her staring at the treat bag in her hand). She was a good girl watching all the dogs and only barked a few times. 😉

Then I put Asher in her crate and got her out and lead her around a bit. She had no fear in this new place and happily bounced around on the end of her leash! Silly girl.

You can tell she’s moving in this picture as her hair is flying in all directions….lol!

Good sit, Winter!

It was a busy, but productive Thursday. Stay tuned for more obedience class updates in the  upcoming weeks.

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7 Responses to Make them pretty

  1. Amina Wolf says:

    Winter Looks a lot like my Sammy even to the odd color eyes. Right now he is shaved due to getting mats under the collar after he was neutered. But still a cutie.

  2. Manu Caiafa says:

    I can not wait to take my puppy to class too!❤️🐶

  3. Marilyn Pyles says:

    Thank you for sharing those details. So great!

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