Spring weather

As I mentioned my friend is visiting and I was going to tell her she can come back any time, any season and see what Washington is like at different times of the year. But Washington obliged us with all four seasons the week she was here! Why am I not surprised? They say if you don’t like the weather in Washington, just wait an hour and it will change! 😛

This week we’ve had sunshine and blue skies, cloudy overcast days, wind, rain, hail and even a bit of snow! But I think she’s enjoying her visit just the same.

And thankfully we’ve had enough sunny days to get outside and enjoy. And the puppies and dogs have too.

Hubby got the shade cloth over the girl’s yard since we’re getting more sunny days. (The boy’s yard has shade from trees.) And he’s added some more raised beds in the garden.

(A couple days before Reba’s haircut).

The puppies had fun exploring the garden with us.

The puppies have enjoyed an extra human around this week to love and spoil them.

And they got to meet “Auntie” Cajsa. She (and my last German Shepherd) with so good with the puppies! <3

Despite the weird weather, I do love spring!


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