Easter theme

I know that Easter represents something more special and important than the secular theme of bunnies, eggs and candy, but since Gracie’s litter arrived so close to Easter, I went with some silly Easter themed names.  😉

They are two weeks old today. ❤️

(Cadbury is our only male)

And the group picture had to have a little editing done….

….because poop happens!

I normally don’t move them into the puppy pen until they are three+ weeks old, but I decided they needed more room than they had in the big whelping crate. Gracie tended to overheat in the crate with all those fat bodies snuggled up to her. I have just lined the bottom of the pen with potty pads for now instead of introducing the UgoDog litter box system at this point. They are still very much in the crawling along stage and will get lost in this big space. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them as they will sometimes get separated from mom in this big area. By next week they’ll be more acclimated and be able to navigate around better so we’ll introduce them the litter box then.

Gracie seems happy in her new, bigger home.

I also like to cover it to keep the warmth in since it’s by the front door. Plus it gives the little family some privacy.



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  1. Manu says:

    Sweet puppies! Loved the names!❤️🐶

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