Four week old cuteness

Gracie’s babies turned four weeks old and they just keep getting cuter (if that’s possible)!

I gave them bigger collars because the small ones are getting close to being too small. Now the bigger ones are a bit loose but hopefully they’ll work okay until they fill them out. Everybody has the same color except Easter, who went from purple to purple/blue/pink combo because that was the closest color I had.

They had their toenails trimmed, weights taken, another dose of de-wormer done and got to do a bit of exploring on the fuzzy blanket on the living room floor while I cleaned their pen. They’re not super adventurous yet, but the next week that should change.

And I switched out the UGOdog litter box for the big box with wood pellets. The side nearest the bed is cut down for easy access of little toddler legs.

2# 14 oz

3# 2 oz

3# 2 oz


2# 13 oz

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