Little darlings

Lyric’s little darlings are two weeks old. They’re smaller than what Gracie’s pups were at this age, but still little chunks in their own right. And absolutely darling!

Some of them are starting to open their little peepers. And by next week’s pictures they will all have their eyes open.

Lyric is still being a wonderful mother. Although she is enjoying longer breaks away from them. When she goes outside to potty I sometimes find her sunning herself on the back step. And she’s putting on some weight thanks to our puppy pudding (I guess I should call it mama pudding). She happily laps up each bowlful and licks the dish clean!

The puppies got their weights checked and they are ranging from 13.8 ounces (Sonata) to 1# (Cadence) with the rest in between those two. I trimmed their sharp, tiny toenails, did their ENS (which ends on day 16) and gave them all collars.

Cadence is red. Melody is blue. Chord is orange. Harmony is purple. And Sonata is pink.

Okay, everyone look to the right. 😉


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4 Responses to Little darlings

  1. Difi says:

    What a bunch of chunkies !!! Go Lyric !

  2. Lori says:

    Such cuties! Hope I get a call in a few weeks

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