Is she or isn’t she

I thought I saw “something” when we did Aurora’s ultrasound about a month ago. But I had been starting to doubt whether she really was pregnant or not?

She has a tiny belly that’s slightly rounded but nothing obvious. Granted she is a larger dog and she’s never had babies before so all those abdominal muscles are tight and holding things in place well.

I mean look at that dog! She doesn’t look like a mom that’s due to have puppies anytime soon!

But the other day as I was rubbing her belly I thought I felt something move. And then we pulled out the ultrasound machine and looked again just to make sure. And well, she is definitely pregnant!

I don’t think she has very many babies in there but at least she has some. And I’m super excited to see what she has! This will be our first litter of the larger sized Cavapoos (Cuddle Cavapoos as they’re called).

Although I’m starting to doubt my sanity in getting such a large Poodle for these larger Cavapoos. My house is just not big enough! Since the other moms are in the living room (and they’re not really good “friends” with Aurora. She usually hangs out with the boys in the boy yard when they’re outside. And she has her own “room” in the dog house) we have her large crate set up in our dining room by the back door. And once the puppies start coming we have a large kiddie swimming pool for her to hang out in with her puppies. We’ll probably put an exercise pen around it so she has some privacy from the other moms coming in and out the back door. And in order to have the room (although it will still be tricky making it work) we had to move the dining table at a weird angle and removed all but two of the dining room chairs.  Dog breeders due weird things to accommodate their dogs. We can’t be considered “normal” people. ;P

But she’s settling in, had her bath, tummy shaved only (because my clippers till aren’t working well enough to groom the whole dog) and getting lots of love. Seriously this dog would sit all day on my lap if I’d let her. She is the sweetest (large) lap dog ever!

Now it’s just a waiting game!

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12 Responses to Is she or isn’t she

  1. Amina Wolf says:

    How large will these cuddle Cavapoos be?

  2. Ryan says:

    So excited to see how these babies turn out!

  3. bmerb says:


  4. Anastasia E Garrison says:

    Hi – is there a separate waiting list for the Cuddle Cavapoos, or the same process as for those on the Cavapoo waiting list?

  5. Manu says:

    How exciting!!!❤️🐶

  6. suzy167 says:

    I look all the time just in case that list opens up!

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