Herbs anyone?

Sage’s puppies turned three weeks old today and we have names!  I decided to stick with moms’ name theme and give them herb names. Someday soon they’ll be bringing some new “flavor” into their forever families’ lives.

They are pretty even weigh-wise ranging from the smallest at 1# 14 oz to the largest (two) at 2# 8 oz. They are still in the stage of eating, sleeping and wobbling over to the UGOdog litter box to potty (or sometimes missing and wetting the bed…it happens at this age). But this next week we should start to see a bit more activity.

“Basil”~Apricot male (blue/green collar)

“Oregano”~Apricot male (army green collar)

“Fennel”~Apricot female (pink/purple collar)

“Tarragon”~Red male (tan collar)

“Marjoram”~Black female (yellow collar)

“Parsley”~Apricot male (orange collar)

“Lavender”~Merle female (rainbow collar)

“Rosemary”~Black female (red collar)


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  1. Staci Garrison says:

    Where’s Rosemary? Her picture doesn’t show😢

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