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I had a post planned for yesterday that didn’t make it. I’ve been hauling dogs into the groomer last week and this week. Yesterday four more were supposed to go in at noon (which means I have to leave at 11:30). Hubby was off in the forest getting firewood so the chores were all mine and take all morning.

My groomer called and asked if we could reschedule two of them. Poor girl has been swapped and she can’t even find help to hire! She mentioned how many groomers are looking for help and can’t find bathers. Some have had to closed their businesses or cut way back on the amount of dogs they take in a day. :/ So sad that there are jobs and people don’t want to work!

And to back up another day because it relates to this story, I had a horse trainer come out Tuesday morning to work with my “baby” (okay, he’s five but he’s still needs more work). As soon as she had finished and left I had to load up three more dogs and run them to the groomer. (It’s an hour round trip to take them and drop them off). They got done later in the day than she said they would so it was getting late and I had dog class at 6pm with Rumor. It was too much rushing, driving etc, and I was already “running on empty”, so luckily I was able to bump Rumor out a day and start him at class last night instead of Tuesday. (The teacher has three separate classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.)

So yesterday I took the two dogs in for grooming at noon. By the time she called to say they were almost ready, it was too late for me to go get them, take them home, grab Rumor and get to class. So I loaded Rumor (after making sure everyone at home was set; moms pottied, fed and watered, adult dogs in the dog house (I don’t like leaving little dogs outside when nobody is home), Winter in her crate with an earlier dinner, and headed to get the girls from the groomer. Then we drove on to the next town where class was.

I planned on getting the blog post up when we got home from class. (Sorry this is turning into a long story….)

We got to town early for class so I took the dogs to the dog park to potty and stretch their legs.

Class went well (the girls hung out in their crates under a shade tree). Then we headed home and the first thing my son said when we got home was “Was the internet working in town?” meaning my phone. Hmmm…it was working in town, but the home internet (phones and hotspot) were The poor kid didn’t know what to do with himself…lol.

But I did. I got all the dogs to bed and went to bed myself at 8:30! I listened to an audio book until I feel asleep. I got over nine hours of much needed sleep last night! Having no internet was quite a blessing!

And that’s why there was no post yesterday (and why there may be two today!)

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  1. Didi says:

    You are forgiven- Wheew – what a day!

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