The littles

Lyric’s little tykes have turned four weeks old. They are still pretty petite little pups. Their weights range in the 1# 9oz to 1# 15 oz. (Sonata is the smallest and Chord is the biggest), but honestly there’s not a lot of difference in the whole batch.

They’re starting to toddle and explore a bit and I can’t believe how adorable they are.


And for asking and wondering at this point I am planning on retaining Melody here. Things may change depending on how she grows and such, but that’s the plan at this point.

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4 Responses to The littles

  1. Staci Garrison says:

    Melody’s a beauty – well they all are, but that’s the one I bet you would keep! 🙂

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    Since the litter is on the smallish side, will you consider hanging on to them just a bit longer, as you have done before with other small pups? Or … will they just be more petite Cavapoos?

    • No, they’re not that small. I’m guessing they’ll just not be real big as adults. But they could take off and prove me wrong. There’s no way of knowing at this point.

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