Lyric’s babies

Lyrics’ babies are growing up! But they are still on the smaller side and I suspect by their current size and bone structure that they will all end up on the smaller side of our average Cavapoos. Five weeks is not the ideal age to estimate adult size, but off the top of my head I’m thinking most of these guys will be in the 14-16 lb range as adults. There is no size guarantee though, it’s only a guess at this stage.

Sonata is our smallest at just a hair under 2 lbs. Chord is the largest at 2# 13 oz. Cadence, Melody and Harmony are in the middle and all weigh 2# 3 oz. (For size comparisons; Sage’s pups are one week younger and the largest (Oregano) is 3#4 oz and the smallest (Marjoram) is 2# 7 oz with the rest somewhere between them. )

Personality-wise Cadence and Melody are our sassiest. Oh, I meant to say the most outgoing. 😉 hehe….Harmony is pretty outgoing too. And Sonata and Chord are our most reserved of the bunch, with Chord being the most mellow.

And now for so snapshots…

And they’re out! Zzzzz

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