Catching up

We’ve been so busy with the current pups (and Gracie’s that just went home) that I’ve failed to keep you all up to date on what else is going on! So here’s my attempt to catch you up!

Our beloved Lucy has entered retirement! She recently had her a check-up, followed by her spay surgery, had her teeth cleaned, and she’s all up-to-date on her rabies vaccination. She is convalescing nicely in the living room. It’s hard to keep her as quiet as we’re supposed to because she is the social butterfly and obviously not affected too much even though she just had major surgery. We will be looking for a retirement home and cuddly lap for Lucy to retire in once she’s healed from her surgery.

We had bred sisters Glory and Smudgie and thought both were pregnant. Unfortunately, Glory turned out to not be pregnant or reabsorbed the pregnancy, had a false pregnancy or something. She is happy and healthy, but not pregnant.

But little sister, Smudgie is very round with puppies. She is resting up in the living room and we can expect puppies from her just about anytime between now and next week. She was bred to Bonus for his first litter of Cavapoos so we will likely have black and tan or tricolor between them. Although there is a chance for apricot or blenheim because of their parent colors (Smudgie’s dad is Dickens, our Blenheim Cavalier and Bonus’ dad is our friend’s apricot Poodle).

Also in the human life department, my 86 year-old father is coming next week (right about when puppies are due and dog class wraps up) for about two-and-a-half weeks to visit. I will try to get to communications and correspondence as quick as I can but I may be slower in responding with the extra human around to take care of. <3

Emails are best if you have questions. Speaking of emails, we’ve had probably more than a couple people on our waiting lists trying to correspond with me with no luck, because they were commenting or “emailing” through the blog and I was not getting their messages. If you need to reach me please email

And….drum roll, please. We also have a litter of mini Poodles on the way! My plan for a long time has been to have a litter between our beautiful Sky (cream parti) and handsome Clancy (red). These will be AKC registered miniature Poodles. I did breed this litter to keep puppies for our future breeding program, so I do not know how many or what will possibly be available until they arrive, or maybe even not until they are several weeks old. This litter is due within days of Smudgie’s Cavapoo litter.

Looking a bit further down the road we have some other girls bred, but nobody is far enough to confirm pregnant yet. But if they are confirmed pregnant we should have more F1 and F1b Cavapoos coming this summer in a variety of colors. Possibly colors could be red, apricot, blond, tricolor, black and white, brown phantom and/or black and tan. We also have a litter of Aussaliers hopefully in the oven. This will probably be Oakley’s last litter. Then it’s a matter of waiting for Quinn to grow up and pass her health clearances before we have more Aussaliers.

And for those wondering, our Cavapoo waiting list is still full and we are not yet accepting any new applications yet. We have gotten quite a few people matched with puppies since our list was last open, plus I’ve been able to make contact with several people who had just been “sitting” on the list and remove quite a few. Unfortunately, a lot of people in their excitement will get on several waiting lists in their search for a puppy and then fail to let the other breeders know so they can be removed from the other waiting lists. If you’re in that boat, please remember to contact the other breeders so they can remove you from their list to make room for other people. But even though we have removed a chunk of names, I don’t think it’s fair to get people’s hopes up and just keep adding more when we have so many still on the list. Sorry. We appreciate the interest in our puppies! Please continue to follow the blog for news and announcements.

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  1. Have a lovely time with your Dad—he must be very proud of all that you and your family do. Think of all the happy families that receive puppy enjoyment and therefore become a positive influence in today’s confusing world. It’s hard to top dog therapy!

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