Cuteness overload!

Yesterday Aurora’s puppies turned five weeks old. I wasn’t able to get their pictures because of our emergency trip to the vet with Smudgie. So here they are! And the weights they are at this age. They are finally starting to play more and get more interactive. So let the fun begin!

That’s a funny place to sleep!

Getting ready for pictures.

Nova~4# 7 oz

Eclipse~4# 2 oz

Comet~4# 1 oz

Solstice~5# 3 oz

Zenith~4# 4 oz

And Sage’s babies turned seven weeks old the same day! Look how big they’re getting. They sure are having fun these days and learning to eat and settle in their crates together.

Basil~5# 3 oz

Oregano~5# 10 oz

Fennel~4# 2 oz

Tarragon~4# 7 oz

Marjoram~3# 13 oz


Lavender~4# 10 oz


Learning to eat in their crate. Later there will two together per crate, then individually.

Having fun outside! 😊


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    Is all alright with Smudgie?

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