Smudgie’s story

Thank you all for being so patient! I’m sure a lot of people have been wanting to hear about Smudgie and her new little family that arrived earlier this week.

Well, here’s the story…

Smudgie’s Sunday morning temperature was down, but not the “drop” that I was looking for. Although I missed taking it Saturday evening so it might have dropped and Sunday morning was coming back up. We’ll never know. She had been a bit restless on and off Sunday so I was hoping she would deliver her pups that day. But as the day progressed I though “Smudgie you’re going to keep me up all night having puppies, aren’t you?!”

But even though she was restless on and off through the night, we both got some sleep. And Monday morning she was still not having contractions. And when I let her out first thing to potty, her crate showed evidence of a possible problem. (I won’t go into the details and gross you out).

I made a quick call to my vet and made plans to bring her in as quick as I could. I still had to let the adult dogs out, but hubby would do the puppies, house dogs, horses and let Cajsa out.

As soon as we arrived they took Smudgie inside to do an exam. Her cervix was open, but the doctor did not feel any puppies coming. Next was an x-ray.

Here’s another view with the pups marked. It’s a bit hard to see the one in the middle but it was lining up to come down the birth canal. The problem was the circled pup on the right. It looked like it was rolled up in a ball. (I did get to go in the office with a mask on to view the x-ray).

The doctor was concerned that if she was given medication to start contractions that she might deliver one, two, or three but would that fourth one get stuck? Or hold up the process for some of the others and then we’d need to do a C-section later in the day?

She and I both agreed that is was best to not wait, but to go in and get the puppies out via C-section. But I did tell her not to spay her. Smudgie is still young enough and I was even hoping to possibly get some purebred Cavalier pups from her before she retired.

After discussing things, I went back to my truck while they prepped her for surgery.

The girls were good about coming out with updates and pictures too. Unfortunately, the balled up puppy was deceased. He/she (I never found out what the gender was) looked like a water baby; a puppy that is born with edema and fluid accumulation throughout the body. We’re not sure what caused it, but it sure was bizarre looking. Like they say, it looks a bit like a baby walrus.

Thankfully, the other three pups were healthy and doing well.

On a sad note, the doctor found something else quite unique as she did the surgery. Smudgie only basically had half of a uterus! A dog’s uterus is divided into two “horns”. Usually puppies are divided into both halves as they grow and develop. Smudgie had all her puppies in one horn. The doctor couldn’t even find an opening in the small second horn. So had I bred her for purebred Cavaliers to keep for future breedings, she may have passed that on two her daughters which could make pregnancies, litter size and deliveries and bit challenging. Obviously if she has a daughter with the condition but it was a spayed pet, the problem would be eliminated and not an issue. So I opted to go ahead and have the doctor spay her.

Here they are! Three beautiful babies. The black and tan and the tricolor with more black are both girls. The tricolor with more white is a boy.

They had a bit of rough start and have been slow to gain weight, but hopefully they are over that hump now!

Puppy Matching day for this litter will be July 28th and Puppy Delivery Day will be August 15th. Anyone that is on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in this litter just shoot me an email and I will add you to this litter’s “interest” list for puppy matching day.

I almost forgot to mention some important information!

This handsome dude (Bonus) is the proud papa! It’s his first Cavapoo litter (his second litter of pups, but that’s another story I need to share another day…)

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  1. Amina Wolf says:

    I am sorry about Smudgie’s troubles but she did have some pretty pups and daddy is beautiful

  2. N says:

    Poor Smudgie. I know she’s had a rough go with her last few litters, so I guess this explains all the troubles she’s had. I’m sorry it ended up this way, but I’m glad she’s on the mend and her viable pups are doing well.

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