Past time

It was past time to move Sky, Smudgie and babies upstairs. Once they start using the regular litter box they’re heading in the right direction for a bigger play pen, plus the living room becomes a mess, even with sweeping frequently. The “fluff” from the disintegrated pellets and dog hair (gotta love those Cavaliers!) goes everywhere….. :O

And Joy was was getting restless so I knew babies were coming and she need the room and the quiet in this space.

So upstairs we went!

I put Smudgie, Wave, Glory and Banner in the first puppy pen.

And their next door neighbor is Sky, Manny, Diego, Syd and Scrat. Now the pups can start sleeping in a crate and they have more room to stretch their legs and explore. I will also set up some small play areas outside of their puppy pens for them to do more playing when moms are out on their breaks.


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