Poodle power

Well, how is this for adorable, curly Poodle faces! And we have three darling boys looking for their forever homes. They have had their first vaccination, stool samples checked and have been examined by out veterinarian. They are ready for their own loving families. These guys are purebred AKC miniature Poodles (sold without papers).

This is Manny. He is apricot with a chocolate nose and the most gorgeous green eyes you’ve ever seen.
This is Diego. He is cream colored with a black nose and dark eyes. He reminds me of a baby Polar bear.
And this little feisty nugget is Scrat! If you’ve followed this Poodle litter, Scrat was our preemie puppy. You’d never know it now! He’s playful and silly although still on the small side. He is a light apricot color and has a blue eye just like his mom (so likely what we’d call a “hidden merle”).
Sister Syd is not available as she will be retained by us. But I had to show her pretty face anyways.

If you are interested in one of our boys please fill out the puppy applications on our website and mention you are interested in a boy Poodle or which particular boy you are interested in.

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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    STOP! You’re killing me with cuteness.

  2. So precious! You mention filling out the forms but on top of both form pages it says that they are closed and not accepting any more applications?

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