Mooooving hearts

These little F1b Cavapoos of Raven’s are going to make several people very happy. They’re such fun, happy puppies!

Holstein is our tiny guy. And I do mean tiny! He is a pocket pup who hasn’t even hit two pounds yet! His big brother Angus (my chocolate chunk, as I call him) is twice his size. Everyone else is in between.

Jersey is probably the most reserved pup although they’re all pretty playful. She and brother, Longhorn have the curlier Poodle coats where the other three have coats like a regular F1 Cavapoo.

We moved Amber and Oakley upstairs. So then we moved Raven and her brood into one of the empty puppy pens downstairs. That large crate worked pretty well. But it got messy quickly because of the pellets. The puppy pen has a grated floor so stuff like that falls through and keeps the pen cleaner.


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  1. Liz B says:

    Hi, did Angus get matched?

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