The Cavapoo waiting list

The Cavapoo waiting list is so hard to gauge. We haven’t opened it for almost a year (last October was the last time it was open and we accepted new applications ). In fact, I had to close the list again after only about four days because we got slammed with so many applications (a nice surprise)!

As I’ve explained before, once a person goes through the application process and is added to our list, its their “job” to follow along and know what’s going on here if they want to be matched with their puppy.

Whenever we have a new litter I make an announcement about who the mom and dad are, how many puppies and what colors and genders are in the litter. The litter gets its own “album” on the website with the Puppy Matching Day and Puppy Delivery Day dates posted for everyone to see.

I update the album weekly with new pictures, do blog posts about the litter and when they are moving around I take videos and post them on our YouTube channel so everyone can follow along with their growth and progress.

I understand how some people eagerly get on the waiting list and then they have a life change. Maybe they find out they’re expecting a (human) baby, they have a job/home change or they’re one of our Canadian families that can’t cross the border. And some people have gotten back on wanting to add a second pup, “but not right away”. I get it, life happens.

But I currently have ninety-seven (97) people on my waiting list. Yes, you read that right! And yet only a small percentage reach out for with interest anytime I have a litter to match. And lately, the number has even decreased. I’m truly not sure what’s going on?

These are the current names (in the order they are on my main Cavapoo waiting list) that have reached out with interest in either or both litters that we will be matching on Sunday (Amber and Raven’s).

  • Suzy L (both)
  • Joni C (Raven)
  • Sheena H (both)
  • Linda F (both)
  • Jessica S (Amber)

That’s it. I have less people on the matching list than the number of puppies I have to match.

**If you’re on the main Cavapoo waiting list and interested in getting on one of both of these litter lists for Sunday’s puppy matching, I will add names until noon on Friday. **

I have people asking almost daily when I’m going to open the waiting list again. But I’ve hesitated because I still have almost one hundred people on there and want to keep it manageable.

Where is everyone? I don’t understand getting on a breeder’s waiting list and then showing no interest in a puppy? (As I mentioned before, I understand that life throws curve balls at us, but I can’t believe eighty-some people are not ready for a puppy.) And if you’re on my waiting list or another breeder’s list and you already got a puppy or have changed your mind, please let that breeder know so they can remove your name from the list and open the spot for someone else.

Can someone clue me in? I’m seriously baffled…

Holstein is curious too 😉

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32 Responses to The Cavapoo waiting list

  1. Addie Nichols-Petsu says:

    If I recall correctly, one doesn’t pay to get on your wait list? Correct? So, someone may get on there with no recourse to them if they don’t show interest.

    I appreciate what you’ve done in keeping your list at a manageable size- that being said, I’ve been one of the ones eagerly waiting to get on that list since my friends got a puppy from you last fall.

    Potentially reach out and ask them to communicate their plans to you by a certain date, or you remove them?

    Best wishes, and fingers crossed I get on this list soon.


  2. Pamela says:

    I know this is a tough call, but you may want to consider pruning your list based on age on the list. For example, removing from the top of the list down anyone who has been on the list for more than 2 years and hasn’t asked to be considered for a puppy. This would move people on the bottom up higher and allow you to get new requests on the wait list.

  3. Naomi says:

    yes I can’t wait to get back on your waiting list! We received our puppy a year ago and he is absolutely the most scrumptious! We look forward to adding another from your litters.

  4. Lulu says:

    Hi! I am so sorry you have had such a hard time with your current waitlist. I would have to agree with Addie…I think since anyone can get on the waitlist without risking a dime, they are more inclined to do so with no actual serious intentions of eventually getting a puppy from you.

    Have you ever thought about increasing your application fee? You could even make the additional amount refundable. It will still be cash out of someone’s pocket while they sit on the waitlist, so hopefully that would be a simple step to add for weeding out the wishy-washy applicants.

    I too have been waiting patiently and watching your blogs like a hawk to get on your next open waitlist. I would not even think twice about applying still if I saw you’ve added a refundable deposit of some sort.

    I hope you get some more responses soon for the current babies. I will continue waiting for the next open waitlist. Thank you for your time and for sharing your journey with us. Wishing you the best!

    xo, Lulu

  5. Brian Beebe says:

    I would like to be on the list, so I hope those folks will respond now.

  6. Kim Kline says:

    Following with interest❤️

  7. Kim Kline says:

    …as an owner of one of your beautiful Cavapoos, I also did my time patiently waiting for the waitlist to open, then once on that—waiting on the wait list. My interest was serious and I took your work, as a professional breeder very seriously.
    I would suggest you charge a much larger non-refundable waitlist fee to help filter this huge list. Possibly that will help filter out the serious vs. the ‘just looking for now’ candidates. I, personally, think I would consider that fair if I have serious interest in one of your little masterpieces.

  8. Lois says:

    I’m with Kim! These waiting people will be soooo delighted with one of Jennifer’s fun, funny, smart, beautiful, easy to train pups. Our Pinewood pup is such an amazing addition to our family.

  9. Marley Albright says:

    Time to kick them off the list and put me on it!! Seriously can’t wait to get a little Cavapoo girl from you! 🙂

  10. Miao Yeh says:

    I’ve been following your post everyday. Waiting for the waitlist to reopen. Your cavapoo pups are the cutest!

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