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If you follow along with our blog you already know that Amber, Raven and Oakley’s puppies are all leaving this coming Sunday. This week will be extra busy as they all go for their check-ups, and I put together a dozen puppy bags with paperwork, and other fun things, plus make twelve more baby blankets (plus all the day-to-day training, cleaning and socializing). I’ll be up late Saturday night giving baths and getting everyone ready for our early morning wake-up on Sunday. Then it’s off to Spokane for an exciting day of meeting families and handing over much anticipated puppies!

And then I’ll come home to a fairly quiet house. No puppies. (Well, except our own that we’re training; Indy, Summer, Zuma and Miss No Name). 😉

Usually litters kind of overlap or about the time one litter goes home another is being born. But I’m actually getting a little break!

I really want to get away, maybe take a little road trip with the hubby. But that would depend if I can find a reliable house/dog sitter which is hard where we live.  Just yesterday our youngest actually volunteered to do it, if I “write out a detailed set of instructions” (which I normally do for hubby). But if we want to be gone more than a few days, I’ll still have to find a house/pet sitter for the 48 hours he’s gone on his work shift.

But we can only be gone a week or so because about two weeks after our current pups leave our next litter is due! LOL! Yep, the break isn’t for long, but it’s still a nice little “pause”.

And who is expecting? It’s “Winky” as hubby calls her, otherwise known by her real name, Gracie. Clancy is the daddy of course. So it will be another litter of redheads and apricots!

And I have other exciting news! We just confirmed another litter that will be due about a week to ten days after Gracie. It’s super exciting because it’s between two of our young adults that have never had puppies before!

Our gorgeous red mini Poodle, Sasha is the expectant mom. (Our groomer loves her beautiful, correct coat). And drumrolll…….the dad is none other than sweet little Asher!

We had our doubts for a long time if Asher would ever figure out that he was a boy and what to do with a girl. *wink* But he was just a slow maturer and finally decided that girls are pretty sweet things to be around. I’m excited to see what they will produce. They are both super sweet, happy dogs. (*warning* Sasha is a fence climber so we might have some monkeys in this batch!) LOL

We will most likely have red/apricot pups with them, but they will likely have some white on them too (faces, chests, feet) and there is a chance for red and white pups (Blenheim). I have not tested Sasha to see if she carries for parti but her mom was red and her dad was red and white. So there is a chance she carries for parti and bred to Asher that could produce parti pups too (think red and white “cows”).

So now you’re all caught up on the Pinewood news!

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4 Responses to What’s next

  1. Katharine W. Harding says:

    Have a very restful time! You two deserve it.
    We’ll be eagerly awaiting news of future litters. Timing for us will be next spring-late March on.
    Take good care & all the very best,
    PS If we were neighbors I’’d be there to help with chores!

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    We had one of those little red fence climbers! At eight weeks we couldn’t figure out how he could get out of such a high pen. So my daughter and I put him in, went out the front door, snuck around the back of the house and peaked in the kitchen window. That little sprite was using not only all four paws but his teeth to climb up to the top wire and then throw himself out of the pen! What do you do with a fence climber? Are there pens that don’t have horizontal bars to grab onto with teeth?

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