A big day!

Yesterday was a big day for the puppies. After an early lunch all twelve pups were loaded into two crates (that’s all that fits in the back seat of my truck). So they were nice and cozy. They settled down quickly and napped for the hour plus drive to the vet.

I made a quick stop on the way to pick up my friend so I’d have some extra hands dealing with all these puppies.

After we got there and got checked in, I took the first crate of puppies inside while Karen sat out with the second batch. She got them out and let them potty and play in the back of the truck while I was inside. And then we swapped crates and I took the second batch in while the first group got some play time.

I had to keep my eye on some people who tried to “steal” puppies behind my back! 😉



Then on the way home we made a detour off the main road because the fall colors were calling us!

I dropped “auntie” Karen off back at her car, then headed to the feed store to grab more puppy and dog food (imagine that).

The drive home was pretty too.

When I arrived home I knew the pups needed to desperately stretch their legs and go potty, (They had had water and “snacks” during the day) so I set up three exercise pens in the front yard and turned the critters loose! (I also added a big bowl of water and some dinner since they hadn’t eaten much on the drive.

Boy, did they have fun!

Then I let Zuma out from the back yard so she could come meet the puppies.

Pretty soon she was running around the pen trying to engage them in some play.

It was so sweet to see her stick close to the pen and the puppies.


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  1. Deborah says:

    Wow! You do such a nice job of getting the pups out, vet checked, and box trained. The pictures with the potential puppy rustlers are adorable. The fall colors look wonderful. Your farm guard dog looks like he is fitting right in. Thanks so much for sharing!

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