Cuddle pupdate

It’s always fun to get updates on our puppies!

I got a quick note from one of our Cuddle Cavapoo “parents” the other day. This was Eclipse from Aurora and Dickens litter. (For those that don’t know, the Cuddle Cavapoo is a larger Cavapoo from a small Standard Poodle and a Cavalier).

Here he is a six weeks.

And the picture his mom sent ❤️

And part of her note….

“We’re so in love with him. He’s such a joy. He loves to meet people and play with other dogs. He’s growing nicely and weighed in at 18.4 lbs last Friday.” (He’s five months old just for reference).

What a cutie!

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10 Responses to Cuddle pupdate

  1. Deborah Ward says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  2. Deborah Ward says:

    Do you think his coat will tighten up into poodle curls?

  3. Rosetta V Moore says:

    Could you tell me what kind of pellets you use to potty train your puppies. I have been following you for quite sometime. Love the way you train your puppies. If you weren’t so far away I wouldn’t hesitate to apply for one of your puppies. I live in West Virginia. But still check your Facebook all the time

  4. Dee says:

    What a sweet update. I know we didn’t get a Cuddle Cavapoo, but our little guy is about the same weight and appears to be the same height wise, which IMHO is perfect. Our pooch turned 4 in August, his parents are Noah and Lucy. He’s such a blessing.

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