Gracie, Joy and Glory

I know a lot of people love our Cavalier moms and the babies they produce. Especially our red girls matched with Clancy and the red and apricot cuties they produce.

Well, as I mentioned in a precious post these girls are nearing retirement. Their other black and tan sister, Mercy has already retired into an amazing home. Smudgie (and Mercy) were both spayed early because of birth complications. Smudgie is ready for her retirement home within a couple weeks. She just had her teeth cleaned and unfortunately had to have some teeth removed so when she has healed from that she is ready to go. There is still time to reach out if you are interested in adopting her.

Which brings me to my main point of this post, if you’ve been holding out for some reason waiting for a Joy puppy or a Glory puppy or a Gracie puppy, don’t wait any longer or it will be too late.

Gracie has her two babies and she might have one more litter and she’ll be retired.

I am planning a litter of purebred Cavaliers with Joy. So depending on when we decide to do that she may have one more litter of Cavapoos.

The same with Glory. Glory was just bred to Sundae. It’s far too early to confirm her pregnancy, but if she is, this very well may be her last litter of Cavapoos. I’m considering breeding her for a litter of purebred Cavaliers also (depending on what happens with Joy and my plan for Cavaliers and what happens). Or Glory may have one more litter of Cavapoos or just retire after this one.

All of these girls (and their mom, Faith (who is in a retirement home) and dad (our boy, Dickens) ) have been such an asset to our breeding program that we desperately want to keep this line going by having some of their babies grow up here to carry on this great line.

A lot of breeders just buy a new pup from another breeder to save the hassle because they don’t have to have a litter and “hope” they get just what they want. We prefer to breed our own (if possible) to continue a line we like and how know is healthy. Preservation of healthy lines is so important, especially in purebred Cavaliers. Although sometimes you do have to introduce new bloodlines or colors, etc.)

So again, just a heads up for those interested in these particular moms and our plans for them. (They will also be looking for retirement homes sometime next year).

I love this picture! This was the whole litter at about five months of age. <3

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