Puddings and cookies and other scrumptious things

Oh, I didn’t mean for the humans! 😛 I’ve been cooking and baking, mixing and freezing things for the doggos. hehe

First, I made cookies.

Mixing the dough which was just oat flour, peanut butter and pumpkin. (I was a bit shy on the pumpkin so added a bit of ripe banana.) Whenever using peanut butter in dog treats, always check the ingredients for Xylitol which is deadly to dogs. I buy Adams which I know is just peanuts and a touch of salt.

Time to bake them!

All done!

Next, it was time for another batch of puppy puddling for Sasha. (Gracie is a good weight and her pups are plump so I don’t think she needs this. Sasha needs to gain some weight back.)

All done!

The pudding calls for eight egg yolks, so instead of tossing the whites, I added some more eggs and a couple scoops of cottage cheese, then cooked that up for the moms.


And lastly, and most time consuming were the Silk Balls. Silk balls are great for trying to get weight on a thin dog. There’s quite a few ingredients to mix together. I had to “steal” the guy’s car wash bucket to have something big enough to mix it all in.

And then they are rolled into meatballs and put in the freezer. Later I’ll bag them up. These are meant to be fed raw. I sure hope Sasha likes them!

Oh, and I did get some pumpkin scones baked for the humans too.

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  1. Amber Kellner says:

    The peanut butter doggie cookies are a great idea! You should post your recipe!

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