I must’ve been hungry

Laying in bed late one night as I was drifting off to sleep,  I was contemplating themes for puppy names. I know weird, but it’s how my brain works. I must’ve been hungry because…..

Let me introduce you to Sasha’s newly named puppies.

“Doritos”~ red male (green collar)

“Cheetos”~red male (red collar)

“Fritos”~red male (blue collar)

“Ruffles”~apricot female (purple collar)

“Pringles”~red female (pink collar)

Aren’t they delicious?! ❤️

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11 Responses to I must’ve been hungry

  1. Cheryl McKee says:

    Yes, they are. I can hardly wait for your list to open cuz I’d scoop up Cheetos and then have to resist the temptation to keep nibble his sweet ears and toes. 💙💙

  2. Dianne Murray says:

    That’s cute. They are so cute and you are so clever.

  3. Amber Kellner says:

    What beauties! Delicious😜

  4. Manu Caiafa says:

    OMG!!! So beautiful with the white spots!!! Jennifer, is there any puppy on the smallest size? Pringles looks a little smaller. Am I right?

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