Three appointments

I think I made the appointments at different times weeks ago, but didn’t realize that they were three days in a row!

I use a planner with a month-at-a-glance to schedule appointments and such. Well, I scheduled one for November 30th, which as you know was the last day of the month. And probably at another time I scheduled Gracie’s puppy appointment. Then grabbed another day, Thursday (for dentals). Not realizing they were three days in a row until I got to this week and turned the page to a new month. Oh, brother!

Thankfully, it all worked out and we were able to minimize trips. Hubby took Hazel in early yesterday to be spayed. (She will be looking for a retirement home once she’s healed). My vet offers one free overnight stay, before or after a procedure. So she stayed over Tuesday night. Then yesterday, I took Gracie and her pups in for their check-ups. Gracie stayed the night and is having her teeth cleaned this morning.  So we saved having to get Hazel Tuesday night and from driving Gracie in early this morning….score!

On our way to the vet.

Waiting for the doctor.

Getting some love from the tech. She “tried” to tuck Andy in her pocket so she could sneak out with him. 😉

Andy getting his check-up.

Back in the crate while sister gets looked at.

Ann’s turn!

Then puppies went back to their crate in the truck to have a late lunch while their mom went in for her physical.

Now Gracie gets a thorough exam.

I left Gracie with the vet so she could be boarded for the night. Then it was out to the truck to give the puppies a potty break and a drink of water before we headed towards home.

The sky was gorgeous on the drive home too.

And the drive up the hill was pretty too. Can you spot the welcoming committee?

Back home and pups went out for another potty break while I unloaded the truck.

We got some very nice applicants for Ruffles and Pringles too! I’m making my way though the stack and trying to have a chat with each family. They all sound like wonderful families. I should have some decisions made by Friday so we know where these girls are going.

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  1. Amber Kellner says:

    Oh my gosh, 3 appts in a week! Sounds like me. I looked at my calendar for next week and I have two well visits and appt for my son!

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