Lyric’s little nuggets

Lyric’s pup are two weeks old today. Right now, they’re taking after their mother in size, all built pretty petite and I’m guessing will end up on the smaller scale of our Cavapoos. Although time will tell and they might surprise us in the next few weeks.

When Lyric’s pups arrived two weeks ago, Lyric’s milk supply had not quite showed up yet. So, like some human babies and some puppies, they lost a bit of weight from their birth size. I stepped in and supplemented them as needed. It took them a while to get back to their birth weight and start to consistently gain weight which they are doing now, but like I mentioned, they are still on the small side. None of them have even hit a pound yet!

Before someone asks me, I’ll address the questions…”are they stunted?” “Will, there be something wrong with them because of their “rough” start”? My answer is no. We’ve had other small puppies that grew into normal sized Cavapoos. Also, my first and second born humans kids (twins) also had a rough premature start (born at 35 weeks weight 4#11 oz and 4# 1 oz), low birth weight and some issues at birth (that the pups don’t have). My kids were in the NICU for weeks before I could bring them home. And now they are both over 6′, strong and healthy!

I  supplemented Lyric with some herbs that help with milk production until she had a good supply. I’ve also been pouring some extra groceries into her. Like some of her Poodle relatives, she is not a voracious eater. And you do need to keep the calorie intake up to continue milk production. Along with having all the puppy food she could eat, she is getting Satin Balls (a homemade recipe for dogs that need extra calories) and the Puppy Pudding.

Satin Ball production team supervisors😉 (yes, that’s a five-gallon bucket of food)

Satin balls ready for the freezer

More pudding coming up!

Some moms, like Sage and Glory are great eaters and all I have to do is keep their bowls full of puppy food, fresh water and their supplements and they produce milk and roly poly puppies.

The pups are wiggly and strong and thanks to Brea and her suggestion on our Facebook page, I went ahead and gave them The Golden Girls themed names! Oh, and their little peepers are opening. It’s so sweet to see their little eye open.


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  1. Miao Yeh says:

    So adorable!

  2. Manu Caiafa says:

    They are gorgeous!❤️🐶

  3. Brandon D Madden says:

    They are perfect! Have all these pups been matched off your wait list?

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