Sage’s pups are two weeks old today. Some of their eyes are opening. They are the chunkiest little monkeys! I do have some size variations (puppies are 1# 4 oz-1# 13 oz) and I can see coat differences too but we’ll see more of that as they get older. Most I would consider red or at least dark, dark apricot except for the last pup (brown collar) who looks apricot.

And since Sage is a big girl with seven plump puppies I decided it was time to move her to the small puppy pen. Normally I move mom and babies when they are about three weeks old and more at the toddler age. But this family needed more room.

So since they are still young and we moved them early, I have just put potty pads down over the bottom of the puppy pen with the big bed. In about a week, I’ll introduce them to the UGOdog litter box system. This is what I always start them out with since it’s a flat tray with a grate and is about even height with their bed.

And we’re still working on names but I will have those figured out in time for their three-week individual portraits.

For now, feast your eyes on this pile of cuteness!

I think Sage is happy with her new “pad” 😉


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6 Responses to Early

  1. Claudia S Knauss says:

    They are absolutely precious, just like their mama! Can’t wait to see them as they open their eyes and develop more individuality in their expressions… But they are all already amazing!

  2. Amber Kellner says:

    Awe, good job mama!

  3. Brandon D Madden says:


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