Puppy matching and litter lists

Since we have quite a few new people that have been recently added to our Cavapoo waiting list, I thought I would go over a few things again in case anyone missed the information on the website.

Now that you are on the Cavapoo waiting list you can email me anytime you see a litter that you’re interested in to be added to that litter’s list for potential matching. You may have to reach out several times for several different litters before you are matched with a puppy. Or you may be matched fairly quickly. It just depends how many people from the main list reach out with interest for any given litter. It’s a very unpredictable process. Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get matched right away though. It usually takes a while, but I believe you will get matched with just the right puppy for you!

Currently we have three litters that will be matched soon.

  • We have Glory’s F1 Cavapoos which will be matched this Sunday, January 23rd. They are ready to go home on Sunday, February 13th.
  • We have Lyric’s F1 Cavapoos which will be matched Sunday, January January 30th and were scheduled to go home Sunday, February 20th. But because of their small size, I may change their going home date to either February 27th or March 6th. Or we may keep the original date. It just depends on how they do and how much they grow. There is also a chance that if I bump their going home date out, that we will wait another week to match on February 6th. So if you have expressed interest in Lyric’s litter please keep open some dates if at all possible.
  • And last, but not least we have Sage’s F1b Cavapoos that will be matched on Sunday February 6th and go home February 27th.

Oh, and you are welcome to get on any or all of the litter lists that we currently have.

I will take names for these lists up until noon on the Friday before their matching weekend. 

I will post the names I have for each litter in the order they are on the main waiting list (as this is the order we will match puppies from that litter) on the Wednesday or Thursday before each puppy matching weekend so everyone can see where they stand. (Obviously more people may be added between then and Friday at noon, but normally when I post the list most people have already reached out).

If you find yourself first or second or even third in line on that posted list, please monitor your phone and email on Friday afternoon and Saturday night. Since we close the litter list at noon on Friday I will start reaching out to those first people early, if possible. It gives me a jumpstart on puppy matching so my Sunday is not completely consumed with being on the phone matching puppies.

So currently these are the names that I have on my lists. They are in the order off our main waiting list. Instead of doing three different list, I’ve put them all on one with a note to which list(s) the person wanted to be on. (G-Glory, L-Lyric, S-Sage).

  • Valeria P (L, G)
  • Shelly B (G)
  • Claudia & Maxwell K (G, L, S)
  • Manu C (L)
  • Melanie C (G)
  • Kasey G (G)
  • Margaret S (L)
  • Danielle J (G, L)
  • Daniel & Stacie W (L, S)
  • Sarah & Andrew F (G, L)
  • Kathryn T (L, S)
  • Jon & Julie F (L, S)
  • Lia & Joshua E (G, L, S)
  • Cheryl F (G, L, S)
  • Krystal (G)
  • Matthew S & Lisa C (G, L, S)
  • Terri U (L, S)
  • Katherine M (L)
  • Oleg K (S)
  • Susan Z (G, L, S)
  • Miao Y (G, L, S)
  • Andy & Gina W (L, S)
  • Natalie & Doug H (S)
  • Elizabeth H (L, S)
  • Carol J (L, S)
  • Jean B (L, S)
  • Anna L (L)
  • Brandon M (G, L)

If I made a mistake and you don’t see your name or you want to be added to another list (maybe you only reached out about one litter) please shoot me an email. Also this list could change because we still have a week or two before Lyric and Sage’s litters are matched. And we still have til noon tomorrow to adjust Glory’s list. I hope this helps.

For future litters, we will make an announcement on the blog usually a few days after a litter is born with the colors, genders, puppy matching dates and going home dates. As soon as that info is posted anyone on the Cavapoo waiting list can email me and asked to be added to that litter’s list if those dates work for you. If at all possible, please use the same email thread that was started when I responded to your application. It helps so much and saves my time to have all our conversations in one place. I’ve had people send a brand new email whenever they have a question and it makes things so much more time consuming and complicated on my end.

Then each new litter will have its own album on the website. So if you miss the initial litter announcement you can always go to the album for dates and information about the litter. Plus we post weekly picture updates there.

Here’s where you will find the litter albums.

And as always if you have a question feel free to reach out. Email is best at pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com

Thank you!



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