Moving about

We’re moving and shaking over here! There’s always something going on.

This morning was a busy one as I decided to move Sage and her big batch of puppies upstairs so they could have more room. They were outgrowing the small puppy pen downstairs.

Puppy transport basket!

Getting settled in.

Now Glory and her pups have neighbors.

Lyric and her crew are still downstairs parked next to the wood stove since it’s nice and cozy there.

And now that Sage’s puppy pen downstairs was empty, it was time to clean it up and store it away. And looked who moved into her spot! It’s Joy napping as we wait for her babies to make their appearance within the next week.

Busy, busy times!


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2 Responses to Moving about

  1. Oleg Kouzmenko says:

    They are so cute and adorable, we have one already from you. Thank You so much!!! Every minute we enjoy. His name was Bob (in Sep. 2019). He is watching your pictures and video, and can’t wait for a sister. We are in waiting list. Get our hopes and his hopes 🙂 up that we will hear from you soon.
    Thanks a lot for updates.

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