Busy mornings

Mornings are extra busy because everyone wants “out” to potty and everyone wants to eat now! The moms and other dogs in the house are anxious to go outside to potty. Out in the dog house, the other adults are ready to run outside to stretch their legs and potty (they each have their own crate that they sleep and eat in). First the boys go out into their yard with two buckets of water to share. The girls wait impatiently in their crates until the boys are out and the gate is closed. Then it’s back inside to let the girls out and give them water. The dog house needs to be sweep and the yard needs pooper scooped after everyone has relieved themselves. It’s getting more challenging as the yard has a foot of hard, icy snow now.

Ben, Cajsa and Zuma are let out of the garage where they sleep at night. Then it’s back inside because  there are puppy pens to clean, blankets to change, water and food dishes to wash and refill, puppies to feed, litter boxes to clean while the moms are outside.

And while the adult small dogs get their break outside it’s time to feed the horses. They all get big piles of hay and the oldest one gets some soaked pellets additionally. Checking the horses water to see if the tank needs to be topped off. Or if I forgot to turn the tank heater on the night before then there’s ice to break off the top.

Out in the barn our two cats are usually curled up sleeping on top of the hay bales. I checked their food dish and break the ice on their water dish or refill it as needed. They continue to sleep usually unless they hear me adding food to their dish. **Note if a cat’s dish is not filled completely to the top then it’s empty in their mind**lol

Cajsa, Cody and Zuma follow me around the yard as chores are done while Ben heads off on his patrolling of the neighborhood. After the horse and cats are taken care of it’s time to feed and water the chickens, give them the kitchen scraps from the composter and pick up any eggs.

Then it’s back inside to let the moms back in with the babies after they’ve had a chance to have breakfast on their own. I usually start a load of laundry  or empty the dryer from the day before as there are usually one to two loads of dog blankets, beds and such to do each day.

And by then the other dogs are ready to head back into the dog house and get some morning treats.

And that gives you a little insight into my morning (and also why I don’t usually eat breakfast until 10😜)



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14 Responses to Busy mornings

  1. Claudia S Knauss says:

    Jennifer, to say you need a “Relief Pitcher” doesn’t even BEGIN to capture it. But your amazing description of your typical morning has left me out of breath, just visualizing it. Whew! Someday I hope vacation pops into the picture … but it would take an army to replace you!

  2. Carol Jackson says:

    Wow!! Well at least you have a short commute to work.😁

  3. Susan Watkins says:

    Wow!!! It’s a good thing you love it, you’d have to! Farm life is not for sissys!

  4. I used to do much of that—milking goats, tending to horses, 2 sheep, a few geese (sheep & geese bequeathed to us by someone who told the owners, “the Hardings will take care of them” We came home from somewhere and there they were-plopped over our fences!) and of course, dogs, outside cats and wild birds. Now we’re down to Toby, 2 outside cats, wild birds and elk herds! I wonder how I did it before with 3 small children in tow also.
    I hope it’s many years before you wonder, “how did I ever do all that?” Because your dogs give so much joy to families everywhere!

  5. Manu Caiafa says:

    I just amazing all you do!

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