Just gorgeous

Sage’s pups are five weeks old and just gorgeous. Look at these faces and look at those waves and curls!

“Hepburn”~ 3# 10 oz

“Bogart”~2# 12 oz

“Grant”~3# 5 oz

“Garbo”~3# 8 oz

“Stewart”~4# 10 oz


“Brando”~3# 13 oz

And a little bonus, Miss Garbo has partial blue eyes…dreamy <3

Aren’t they just precious?

Since we’ll be matching them this weekend, along with Lyric’s (I’d like to start Friday afternoon with our first couple of people if possible since it will likely take me all day Sunday to get the twelve puppies matched) I’m posting the list here of the names I have of interested people in the order they are on the main list (which will be the matching order). As before, I’ve put an initial by the person’s name indicating which litter/s list they are on for matching. If you see a mistake please reach out. Remember anyone on the Cavapoo waiting list has until noon on Friday to let me know if they want to be added to this list.

  • Manu C (L)
  • Katie L (L)
  • Chloe L (S)
  • Kasey G (L)
  • Katharine H (L)
  • Daniel & Stacy W (S & L)
  • Sarah & Andrew F (L)
  • Kathryn T (S & L)
  • Jon & Julie F (S & L)
  • Lia & Joshua E (S & L)
  • Cheryl F (S & L)
  • Susan L/Darrell L (L)
  • Matthew S/Lisa C (S & L)
  • Terri U (L)
  • Katherine M (S & L)
  • Oleg K (S)
  • Susan Z (S & L)
  • Miao Y (S & L)
  • Andy & Gina W (S & L)
  • Natalie & Doug H (S)
  • Elizabeth H (S & L)
  • Carol J (S & L)
  • Jean B (S & L)
  • Anna L (L)
  • Brandon M (L)
  • Mercedes S (S & L)

Please don’t get discouraged if you are way down this list. Sometimes people will pass if their favorite puppy has already been chosen. So I may make it further down the list than some people realize.

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3 Responses to Just gorgeous

  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    They are gorgeous indeed! I’m doing my happy dance here!

  2. Claudia S Knauss says:

    Each is more glamorous & gorgeous in their own special way! Just like their namesakes! Darling!

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