They were brave

Today was puppy delivery day for Sage’s seven. It had snowed during the night and was lightly snowing when we loaded up and left. I left in plenty of time, knowing the roads might not be the greatest so I could drive slower.

It was beautiful just the same.

We arrived in plenty of time to let the pups out for a potty break, although it was freezing cold so we didn’t stay out long. I split the group into two crate; boys in one, girls in another. So I just let a couple out at a time. Then it was back in their crate for “brunch” since they had a very early breakfast.

We split the families into two groups depending on the driving/flight schedules.

The airport area is usually windy and with the temperature around freezing with winds blowing, it was sooooo cold! I tried to go over paperwork and puppy instructions as quick as I could since we were all standing outside.

First to go leave were Grant, Brando and Bogart.

Grant now Nelson

Brando who is staying with that name.

And Bogart (name to be decided).

Thankfully there was a bit of a break between both groups so I was able to get back in the truck, turned the heater up and thaw out a bit before I met the next group.

Hepburn now Augustine

Monroe now Sadie

Garbo (name to be decided)

Stewart now Reginald Jackson Edwards aka Reggie

Thankful to everyone that made the trip and braved the cold to get their puppy. And praying everyone made it home safely. I know some had a long day of travel ahead.

Happy life puppies!


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  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    I’m glad everything went well;) Next week is our turn! We can not wait to meet our puppy!🐶❤️

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