Not for long

This morning I thought I’d try something new. I made a big play area upstairs, left open two puppy pens, laid out several litter boxes and lots of toys then turned the Cavaliers and Cavapoos out together for some play time.

I’ve done this with them in the backyard and it’s such a big area they did pretty well. I was hoping there was plenty of space and distractions upstairs that they would do okay even with the two week age difference.

I supervised the activity and a few times I had to distract a Cavalier that was trying to be to dominate and rough on a Cavapoo. Although one time I saw little Rhett trying to jump on Kit Kat…lol! Boy, she’s at least twice your size!

But in the end, I ended up separating them again. I can’t watch them 100% of the time because I’m downstairs working and those Cavaliers are just enough big and bossy enough with their younger cousins that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them together. So now they’re happily playing each in their own space.


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