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Sally’s crew are doing well. They turned one week old yesterday. Two of them have hit one pound! They are all roly poly and vigorous. Sally is doing a great job as a first time mom. And her human mom comes to visit her almost every day which makes them both very happy!

Just a reminder to anyone on our Cavapoo waiting list, whenever there is a litter you are interested in being considered for matching, you’ll need to reach out to me and let me know you’d like to be on that litter’s list. I don’t just assume because you are on our main list and have mentioned you want a certain color, etc that you want to be added to a certain litter list for matching. I don’t know your schedule and if the timing is right so you need to let me know. And you need to reach out to me each time you want to be added to a list. 

For instance, I have several people that asked to be added to Raven and Sally’s litter list in hopes of being matched with a puppy. Sometimes you will have to reach out about several litters before you are actually matched with a puppy. It just depends on how many people are on the litter list and where they fall on the main list (the order I would match the puppies).

Sometimes we get twenty or thirty people reach out about a particular litter and other times there may be only five or six. It’s very unpredictable.

Please email me if you want to be added to a list. Messaging on Facebook or Instagram just makes things more mixed up on my end. I try to keep all correspondence in an email to make things less confusing for my poor brain. And of course, if you have any questions or confused about the process please reach out. I’m happy to answer questions when I can.

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