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Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a few days. Sometimes my brain just needs a break from writing/blogging. I apologize to our faithful followers for the silence. I took a few days off from the blog and then had a long, not very restful night the night before last  (but that’s another blog post) so I’m just sitting down to catch you up on our last fun puppy delivery day! (This may be a little longer post..)

As you may remember we had Puppy Delivery Day for Sky’s pups and Mars on Friday so people could still enjoy their Easter with family or church.

It threw me off just a bit since it wasn’t my normal day to deliver puppies. I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something, but this time I kept reminding myself not to forget it was a different day! Middle-aged brain, what can I say? 😛

So we did our normal routine of getting everything ready the night before, which also meant bathing puppies, trimming toenails along with loading crates, litter boxes and all the puppy packets into the truck. I had decided to take Snickers and Kit Kat (I’m still working on their “real” names) along for the socialization, so they got baths too.

We headed out at our normal time Friday morning, loaded with seven puppies in the back seat! I was amazed how quiet they all were. I didn’t hear much complaining until we were about ten minutes from our destination. I figured they were all needing to potty.

So we got parked and I let the younger group out first. They quickly hopped in the litter boxes to relieve themselves.

Then it was the Cavaliers chance to have a potty break.

After that, they all went back into their crates for some brunch. Because as usual, the pups all got breakfast extra early on puppy delivery day. Then I spent time with their new families going over their puppy packets, health records and answering questions.

When we finished that task, the real fun began as I brought out each puppy and handed them off to their excited new families. This is my favorite part of raising dogs! <3

Romeo, now Rudy’s new human “sister” gave me the sweetest hand drawn “thank you”card and she starting writing a book about him that she let me read. (In the book, he is called “Rocket”).

Juliet now named Amber

Scarlett now Olive or Ollie

Rhett now Higgins

Mars now Finn

Juliet’s mom had a flight arriving a bit later then our meeting time and in her excitement she forgot potty pads and wipes for the journey home. So after all the pups had gone potty one more time and loaded up into their respective vehicles, Juliet’s mom and I headed to Walmart to get supplies for their flight home which gave me a chance to go over instructions that she had missed before arriving. After, I dropped them off at the terminal and I headed to see my kiddos with the Cavaliers.

Kit Kat and Snickers had fun running around their back yard, exploring a new place and  getting some wiggles out.

Then it was time to say good-bye and load back in the truck. I had a couple more “socializing” stops I wanted to make.

There are a lot of places you can take your puppy to socialize and see and hear new things and meet nice people. Socializing your puppy in those last few weeks before the socialization period ends around 12-14 weeks is so important for you puppy. But since they are not fully protected from diseases like Parvo and distemper until they’ve gone through their whole series of puppy vaccinations ending with the last at 16 weeks, we have to be careful where we take them.

For instance, we wouldn’t want to take the puppy to the park or maybe not even for a walk around the neighborhood as we don’t know what dogs have been there before us. And parvovirus can live for a long time in places.

A better idea might be going to a friend’s house that has a healthy dog to meet, visiting grandma at the retirement center, taking the puppy when you need to grab something at Home Depot (I would put a bed in the cart and let puppy ride in there, not walk around on the floor), using a backpack or carrying your puppy to visit the farmer’s market (and bring the litter box in your car for puppy to relieve themselves.) I know some of these might sound a little over the top, but I’ve seen what Parvo can do to a puppy. It’s deadly. But socializing is oh so important during this period in your puppy’s life too. We can’t be paranoid about diseases, just use good judgment where you take your puppy.

And it’s not like you can’t “socialize” after the 12-14 weeks, it’s just that after that period there is a change in the puppy’s development and processing of things and it becomes more of a desensitization of new things than a “socialization” process. Their brains are just little sponges during those early weeks and they learn so quickly. Remember though, that a bad experience during this period can also affect your puppy thorough out its life also.

But I digress….

Did you know Hobby Lobby is pet friendly? That was my next stop. Since they are closed on Sundays, Friday gave me a chance to cruise through the store and look at all the fun things. And I could take the puppies too!

I found a cart and put a bed in the bottom, made sure they collars and leashes were attached so I had something to grab in case they decided to crawl out of the cart (which they didn’t) and we headed into the store. They weren’t to sure about the bumpy, rattley ride across the parking lot, but survived the short trip.

They were so good as I slowly meandered through the store. I had a few people spot my cute cart contents and come over to love on the puppies. What a great socializing experience for them.

I found a cute sign that would fit our house or the dog house, but I refrained from buying it. 😉

I did pick up a much needed new door mat though. I think it’s very appropriate for our home.

After finishing at Hobby Lobby, giving the pups another potty break and loading them in the crate it was time to head towards home.

On a safety note, I always recommend your puppy or dog is restrained in some way inside your vehicle. For puppies the safest, most convenient way is inside of a crate. When they are older and accustomed to a harness, I know a lot of people buy booster-type seats where puppy is harnessed in. We’ve probably all heard of horror stories where an accident occurs and the dog runs away in fright and is lost. Or worse yet, severed injuries or killed being through from the vehicle.

Travel safely leads me to another socializing idea and experience for your puppy.

I headed to the nearby drive-through to get something to help keep me awake on the long drive home. (After a late night, an early morning and a long drive both ways, I tend to get pretty worn out and tired, so sometimes I cheat to stay awake :P)

As I mentioned, the pups were in their crate, but once I got into the parking lot and near the drive-through line, I stopped and got the puppies out of the crate. I set them on my lap and creeped through the drive-through so they could see the sights, smell the smells and hear the people at the drive-through window. When they are a bit older, I might even order them a pup-cup!

It was just a short experience but another tidbit in the puppy socializing process.

Right after we were finished at the window, I pulled over in the parking lot and put the puppies safely back in the crate for the ride home.

It was a long, productive day!




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