They’re all darling!

Seriously you couldn’t go wrong with any one of Raven’s puppies. They are all darling. They’re tails just go, go, go! Their sweet faces melt my heart. There are different sizes, different coats, different colors and different personalities but they are all priceless.

They are having a lot of fun getting out and playing and exploring the living room. I actually had to put an Iris pen up to corral them or they would’ve been all over the place!

They are still loving meal times and of course nursing from mom. They are using their litter box really well. In fact, I switched them to pellets and a bigger box yesterday because it was time they graduated to that.

Pretty soon we’ll need to move them up to the puppy room so they have more room to play and explore. And by then mom will be wanting more breaks from them too. The timing usual works perfect.

Our curliest ones seem to be Fern, Branch and River. Willow is still the smallest and I think Fern will stay on the more petite side as an adult also. Reed is the biggest (but to compare he was the same weight at four weeks as Sally’s biggest pup was at three weeks!) I don’t think any of these pups will get huge. And at this stage Branch seems to be our most quiet, mellow guy. He likes to sit back and observe while the rest head out in all directions.


Just a reminder that we will be matching these puppies this coming Sunday, May 1st. If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being matched with one of Raven’s F1b Cavapoo puppies, you’ll need to email me before noon on Friday to be added to the call list. If you are one of the top three people listed please be aware that I will start reaching out on Friday afternoon to (hopefully) start matching puppies. So check your voicemail and email on Friday and Saturday night.

Also please check the album for pictures, YouTube for videos this week, and talk with your family ahead of time to help the matching process move along more smoothly. You might pick out a couple of “favorites” in cases someone ahead of you picks your favorite.

Also for those of you reading this who are not on our Cavapoo waiting list, if we are not able to match all of Raven’s puppies with families from our list, we will make an announcement next week and take a few applications to match any “leftover” puppies.

These puppies are scheduled to go home on Sunday, May 22nd.

These are the current names of families from our Cavapoo waiting list that have reached out with interest (in the order they are on the main waiting list and how I will be contacting them.)

  • Anne S
  • Katharine H
  • Nicole E
  • Gwen B
  • Oleg K
  • Elizabeth H
  • Nadia V
  • Shyradynne P
  • Erica F
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