Puppy goes to church

Yes, “puppy” formally known as Kit Kat still does not have a name. I don’t know why I obsess over permanently naming the puppies that I keep. The name has to be “perfect” and different. There are so many common and over-used dog names. I try to steer away from those, but have ended up with some none-the-less. (We currently have six from the “Top 100 female dog names” list; Poppy, Sky, Sage, Oakley, Grace (ours is Gracie) and Hope. So much for my “unique” naming ability…lol)

But since this girl is to continue the line we love, and is third generation Cavalier for us, I want something unique.

Her registered name popped in my head at birth. She will be “Pinewoods She’s A Keeper”(pending AKC approval). But of course the registered name is just a fancy name on her registration and health papers. I still have to think of an everyday call name. And I like a name that kind of goes with the registered name. I thought of Shena but not sure my cousin Shena would like a dog named after her…lol!

But enough about names…

We continue to socialize this special girl. Although it’s not as easy when town, people and experiences are so far away. So I decided to take her to church on Saturday. Well, kind of. I went into church for the 11:00 service and she stayed in her crate in the truck with water, a toy and a bully stick to keep her occupied. I came out after church to potty her.

Then I put her back in the crate with lunch with I went in for the potluck lunch.

After my lunch, I went back out, gave her the opportunity to potty again then carried her into the fellowship hall aiming to go sit in my chair and hold her in my lap.

I never made it to my chair. First the kids starting showing up to pet and love her.

And then the adults took their turn petting her. She wasn’t too sure about such a large group of happily chatting humans in this big room at first. But pretty soon she relaxed and was enjoying all the attention.

Our little country church is in such a beautiful setting!

It was a great socializing experience for her. I just have to remember to take treats next time. The humans strangers will be even more inviting then.

Having a relaxing evening later. She can be quite the snuggle-bug. <3

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10 Responses to Puppy goes to church

  1. Traci says:

    What about Keppi? I heard the name recently and it is kind of close to Keeper and probably unique.

  2. Pauline Chan Lewis says:

    When we first brought Oso (formerly Pepper of the Spice litter) home, our trainer gave us the assignment of meeting 100 people in 100 days (along with positive interactions with 100 different types of noises, ie planes, trains, skateboards, etc.) Three years in, we are 100% benefiting from his early training as he remains calm and unperturbed in many different situations, which means we can take him with us everywhere we go!

  3. Amina Wolf says:

    She is very pretty.

  4. Katherine Makus says:

    I’m thinking of the various names related to love and friendship: Cara, Amity, Adora, Vida (Scottish for ‘beloved’ or ‘friend’), Dakota, Kiefer (Gaelic for ‘beloved,’ sounds a bit like “keeper”), Yadira (Hebrew for “my friend”). Then there are names related to being the one (as in, the one to keep): Una, Sola, Electa (from Old English, “the chosen one”), Prima (first). Asira (or Asyra) and Eliza mean “chosen.”

  5. Laura McGinnis says:

    How about Ruth or Naomi (from the Bible).

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