Boys only (available puppies!)

**UPDATE** Both boys have found their forever homes <3 

I can’t believe we have two handsome boys are available! I have gone through my list of people that reached out about Raven’s pups and no other families on our waiting list have reached out with interest.

So now is your chance! These puppies are available to the general public. They are both adorable, happy and so sweet. These are F1b Cavapoo puppies from Raven and Rumor. (Parents pictures and info are on these pages.

Reed, our “pirate” puppy has such unique markings. He is a tricolor.  I can’t believe nobody picked him. He is more outgoing than his brother Branch. Reed has more of the F1 Cavapoo coat. I’m estimating his adult size to be in the 16-20 lb range.

(yes, that’s the same pup!)

Branch is our luscious chocolatey boy (brown phantom is the technical term as he has dark brown coloring with lighter brown accent marks on the eyebrows, cheek patches, under the tail, etc). He has the curlier Poodle-type hair and would be better for someone with allergy issues. He has the calmest temperament of the litter. I would estimate his adult weight to be 15-18 lb range.

Both of these boys will be ready to go home on Sunday, May 22nd. We will be meeting all of the families in Spokane that morning to personally meet their new families and hand over puppies.

All puppies will be dewormed, had a stool sample checked, had their first vaccination and be thoroughly examined by our veterinarian. Each puppy goes home with a bag full of puppy information, health records, food sample and other helpful items. They have been using a litter box and will be started on potty training (outside) and crate training before they go home.

If you are just finding us and don’t know much about us there is loads of information on our website pages (listed above in the banner and drop down menus, our Facebook page (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos), our Instagram (Pinewood Cavapoos) and our YouTube channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos). We do a lot of puppy enrichment, socializing and training with our pups to give them a great foundation for their new owners to build on.

If you are seriously interested in one of these boys, please fill out both of our applications forms as soon as you can! Here are the links. It’s super important to fill out and submit both consecutively. If you happen to only do part 2 I will have no way to contact you as the contact info is on part 1 (I’ve had this happen before and felt bad that I couldn’t respond to the application and let them know why!)

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2


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