We’re sneaky

The blog has been silent because we (yep, I actually have hubby with me too!) snuck away for a bit. And the dogs and puppies are in very capable hands with my sister-in-law and her hubby who live next door; the ideal care-taking situation.

My amazing nephew is graduating from high school this weekend. So far we were able to go watch his last baseball game, a Division V championship playoff game. Yesterday  was his actual graduation and tomorrow there will be a graduation party for him. It’s so nice to be able to spend this special time with him. (And visit with my dad more who is still in rehab).

Last week my nephew was awarded the Eagle award from his school. One student that exemplifies these traits is awarded the award; Productive Communicator Academic Achiever Well Rounded Citizen, Self-Directed Learner and Optimized Individual! He also received nine scholarships! Oh, and he was chosen as MVP of his baseball team.

Of course, I think he’s pretty special even without all those accomplishments.

But I wasn’t posting just to brag about my nephew. I wanted to share some puppy cuteness too!

Reba and Cami came with us. Cami because she’s pregnant and Reba because I felt bad leaving her again. And she’s an amazing travel buddy.

Reba is soaking up as much sun as she can!

Cami got a bath but not a trim before we left.

“Cousin” Murphy

And here are Sally’s eight-week-old puppy pics! (Oh, and FYI, my SIL & BIL that are looking after the pups are Sally’s “paw-rents”) šŸ˜‰






I’ll try to share more as I can. Thanks everyone!



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  1. I’ve missed hearing from you! So happy to hear about your nephew’s accomplishments & so glad you are there to honor him & be with your Dad. We’re eagerly awaiting news of Cami’s litter. Safe travels and all the best,

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