Home sweet home

We’re home. We’re tired. We’re happy to have able to been able to spend time with family and know things were taken care of here. We couldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for our next door in-laws who took care of things and critters while we were away. So I’m also very grateful also.

Oh, and we came home with more than we left with. 😉 And I’m not just talking about the things we brought from my dad’s house.

Reba and Cami were amazing travel dogs and settled in nicely at my brother’s house while we were there. We actually stayed in the “pool house” which is like a studio apartment in the yard. So the girls stayed in there when they weren’t out to romp the yard on a potty break. I took Cami’s temperature twice a day, but I’ll be honest, she didn’t even look pregnant. But I knew she had been at the time of the ultrasound and her temperature was indicative of a pregnant dog. She just didn’t look pregnant. But she is a bigger bodied Cavapoo and had never had puppies before so those abdominal muscles were nice and tight. Anyways, Tuesday night I was extra tired and wanted to get to bed since we had to leave the next morning for home. I did not take her temperature figuring I would get another reading in the morning.

Around 2:00 am Cami was getting restless and I figured she needed to potty since I hadn’t done one last late potty run with the dogs before I went to bed. So I took her out, she pottied, then back in the crate she went.

About 2:30 she cried out loudly several times in a row. I quickly got out of bed and headed for her crate. (Poor hubby had to put the pillow over his head after I turned the room light on. I had forgotten a couple important whelping items; my headlamp and the puppy scales!). Using a flashlight on my phone wasn’t super helpful…

*Giving mom and babies a few days to settle in before sharing more details about the litter*

Between puppies, I napped on the hard, tile floor, finally sneaking back to bed in the wee hours of the morning when I thought she was finally done. And just about the time my eyes closed (it seemed) it was time to get up and start packing the car for the drive back home to Washington.

It took most of the morning to pack everything up since we were coming home with more stuff from my dad’s house.  He is still in rehab and will not be going back to the house he has lived in for seventy years. Yes, you read that correctly, 70 years! My grandparents bought the house and moved in when my dad was in high school. My grandpa died before my parents met. After they married, my grandma got cancer and my parents moved in to take care of her. When she passed, the house became theirs as my dad is an only child. As you can imagine there is a lot of accumulation over the years. And I have become the family photo/historian aka sentimental fool that is dragging all the old family photos home to sort through.

After we packed and headed out, we made one last stop to visit my dad before heading north. It sure is hard being so far from family sometimes, especially when there is an aging, declining parent involved.

We settled into the drive and routine of mile after mile passing by. We’re kind of a get in the car and get there kind of family with a few stops for potty, gas and food occasionally.

Later in the afternoon (the hottest part of the day) we were in Northern California (you know, the hottest part) and we stopped at a rest stop for a potty break. Not blaming anyone, but long story short, the door was shut with the keys sitting on the dash and Reba stepped on the door and locked the door!

Thankfully we’d had the air conditioning on the whole time we were driving so the truck stayed fairly cool while the guys worked on “breaking” into the truck and getting it unlocked. But it was probably 30-40 minutes of stress for this worried dog mom!

The rest of the trip was uneventful, thankfully and with three drivers we just kept on going and arrived home Thursday morning just in time to do morning chores. We didn’t get much done that day besides essentials and taking naps.

But the pups still got their play time; inside and out. They sure had fun!




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