I chuckled when I wrote that title. It kind of describes the relationship between Shiloh and Handsome.

Shiloh wants to “play” with Handsome so badly, but she’s far to rough with him the few times I’ve tried to let them be together, whether that be in the house or the backyard.

But the weird thing is, when I put Handsome in his little exercise pen in the back yard for a outdoor break, Shiloh climbs the fence or pushes though where the ex-pen butts up to the outside fence and gets in with him. I’ll watch them in that pen together. When she is in his pen, he’s the “aggressor” and bites, harasses and plays with her and she doesn’t retaliate or get rough back with him. It’s weird.

But at least we know where they can get some play and interaction without him getting mauled by his bigger, older cousin. 😉

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